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As a full service web design company, our core services are highly focused on the things we do best: helping businesses succeed through masterful strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), data-backed UI/UX design, cutting-edge technology, and lasting support.

Mobile App Development

We offer custom mobile app development to match your business goals. Our top of the line mobile app developers will deliver repute mobility solutions personalized for your business.

Great app design brings in new customers. Developing a good strategy to release and roll-out different features of the app on a timely basis is crucial to retaining user interest and boosting engagement with the product. Our expert team evaluates numerous mobility platforms and frameworks to choose the most suitable one to seamlessly align with your business objectives.

Multiple operating systems are available and companies are coming up with new gadgets every day. Developing robust hybrid apps is key to ensure that your app is visible and usable, regardless of what device it is used in.

The BreakTalks guarantee, every step of the way.
Your app is in the best hands at every stage of development. We have processes in place that will ensure thorough testing and improvement. BreakTalks also takes complete responsibility for post-production bugs throughout the warranty period.

Web App Development

A website is your largest attribution. our developers work round the clock on providing you with complete and innovative web solutions to promote your business/brand.

Engage customers with a virtual assistant. We help you embed a Chabot for your business and empower a 24*7 automated customer support. Generate an everlasting relationship with customers through increased performance by automating various processes.

Our content writing process includes market research, industry benchmarking, developing tone of voice, creative communication and finally content that sells.

We deliver quality maintenance services to help you delight your customers in the long run! BreakTalks’ web app maintenance services includes periodic upgrades, technical support, bug fixing, corrective maintenance, and app upgrades. We regularly keep all the app data organized, update security tools, and check for security breaches to provide the best possible user experience. These services are crucial in enhancing customer satisfaction and mitigating future problems. BreakTalks also takes complete responsibility for post-production bugs throughout the warranty period.

Data Analytics & Big Data

Our Data Analysis techniques and understanding can help businesses better improve their advertising campaigns, personalize their content and improve their bottom lines.

Analyzing big data which applies to large chunks of data sets that are too big to process by traditional methods. We use specialized techniques to analyze and systematically extract information.

Data, data everywhere. With the advent of big data, organisations have gigabytes or even terabytes of data, which comprises both useful as well as pointless information. We help you comb through immense volumes of data and sort it into usable chunks of information that can be assimilated and put to use in the decision making process.

Does your organisation spend more time on collecting data, rather than figuring what to do with that data? We help you collect the data and enable decision making that smoothens the potholes and bottlenecks that negatively impact your organisation’s growth.


The future of a company solely depends on its online presence. Our UI/UX designers bring the most pertinent designs to match the company's ethics and culture.

Every software interface or app goes through a continuous process of reinvention and improvement. Is important that an organisation comes up with a long-term strategy, keeping in mind the needs of the users to garner maximum customer interest over an extended period of time. The User Experience team at BreakTalks will brainstorm with you, keeping the needs and requirements of your organisation in mind to come up with a befitting UI/UX strategy that aims to make new users aware of the product, while simultaneously helping returning customers engaged by delivering an experience that keeps them excited and challenged.

Let us put on our thinking hats and assess the user experience being offered by your website, just like a customer or user would do, albeit unconsciously. BreakTalks tests websites, apps and interfaces for usability and provides you suggestions on how you improve the performance of the user experience being offered by measuring simulated real-time metrics, that have been derived from years of experience in understanding and delivering great interfaces, that have been loved by organisations and customers alike!

Every User Experience or Interface goes through a 3 stage process: Creation, Launch and Destruction. As an organisation it important that you address the life-cycle of the UX to ensure that customers feel familiar to the product but are not fed with the same experience time and again. As your ally in UX Management, BreakTalks helps your organisation prepare new User Interfaces, maintain them (with some minor improvements) during the launch phase, and ultimately help you with phasing out the interface before it gets obsolete and replacing it with a new and more relevant one.

Digital Marketing

Our fully stacked digital services offer an array of activities to boost your brand. We lend you a hand from ideation, planning and to execution. A team of professionals will guide you and make your marketing dreams a reality.

Over a billion people use different search engines every day to search for the products they need. Half of them do not even go beyond the second page! BreakTalks optimises your website and online presence to ensure that the content and design is rich and relevant, enabling your site to be ranked well and positioned in the first pages of the Search Engine. We follow the best standards in the industry when it comes to optimising your website

Everyone is a part of social media. Identifying the right platforms and reaching out to the target audience using these platforms can significantly increase sales and revenues for your business. BreakTalks’ team of Social Media Experts will help you create, curate and publish appealing content and enable you to market yourself to your audience without any hassle!

Building a brand and its identity is extremely critical in today’s competitive world. Attaching a brand name to your product and building a unique story around that helps organisations with attracting customers who resonate with the identity of the brand. We help you build a brand and promote it using our time-tested branding strategies.
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management


Ensuring that your organisation’s software applications operate in accordance with the specifications and requirements is important, since the performance specifications are specially chosen in order to help with meeting the performance outcomes. BreakTalks’ team of testers passionately combs through the app and tests the app for functionality right down to the minutiae.

Security Testing has gained immense prominence in the past decades as cyber security breaches are a growing cause of concern. It is important that an organisation ensures that an app is watertight with respect to maintaining confidentiality, and privacy. Additionally, organisations need to ensure that their data is not siphoned off and used for malicious purposes. The testers of BreakTalks ensure that all security loopholes and glitches are identified before the app goes live in a bid to allay the concerns of potential users and adhere to the regulations put forth by the government to protect the interests of the organisation and the people concerned.

Designing an app and launching it without testing for performance is akin to an organisation investing millions of dollars in a company without having any idea on how the money is going to be used. The team of testers at BreakTalks test your apps for all performance measures and provide your organisation with information on the performance measures, areas that require improvement and other features in the app or website that can be enhanced to improve the overall performance of the software.

To retain consumer interest and faith, it is important that all organisations test theirs software on a periodic basis. While periodic tests are absolutely necessary, it is time consuming and effort intensive if it performed manually. Hence, this process of random or periodic testing can be automated by providing the software with a test algorithm and a series of patterns to look out for. BreakTalks helps you automate this process by providing end-to-end solutions that include identifying parameters that require monitoring and hardcoding the automation process to enable testing either on a periodic basis, or every time a glitch is identified.