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As a reputable open source IoT providing e-commerce services, BreakTalks pledges to deliver the retail solution that works best to fit the economic activity of your expectations. Aware of the already-existing wide range of e-commerce platforms, BreakTalks aims to understand your precise needs and customize the right web design and solutions for easy integration into your website of choice. Full functionality of your website with real-time tracking for better scalability, flexibility and enhancements of dynamic modules are the factors BreakTalks purposefully designs around for reliable customer engagement and overall experience. Optimizing the e-commerce experience by driving sales, with digital presence backed by data-driven analysis, is the optimal work done in retail.


Industries with impeccable manufacturing practises looking to intensify their businesses' approach BreakTalks for the most versatile solutions using IoT. Streamlining operations in manufacturing is paramount in speedy and unmatched delivery of products. BreakTalks adopts IoT to provide smart solutions for robust manufacturing by streamlining even the complex processes and hence attaining manufacturing success with easy manoeuvering. Integration of the frontline business with the inculcation of technology, for easy functionality and flexibility, reap financial benefits and efficacy. Real-time efficient communication between things, data and humans eases the maintenance costs and the security defenses provided by the BreakTalks chatbot and AI software are incomparable. Big data analysis and automation increases reliability, decreases human intervention and improves scalability; thereby proving to be the best in optimizing costs and refining the quality.

Automotive & Logistics

With outdated coding systems, restricted mobility management and lack of security, your logistics and automotive systems need a revamp. Increasing visibility and efficiency by streamlining processes across the transportation and warehouse is the smart solution. At BreakTalks, we develop logistics software to meet the ever increasing demand while planning, managing and organizing resources and leveraging Vehicle-to-Vehicle technology for safety. Inventory control software alongside the container software maintains accurate reports of inventory, restocks on time and simplifies the load for booking, thereby minimizing costs. Automating the logistics process from packing to delivery of goods while imbibing warehouse management software and accounting software by integrating BreakTalks mobility solutions leads to success in the marketplace.


Evolution of the world comes with educating everyone and EdTech blazes the trail towards making this a reality. BreakTalks resolved to employ cutting edge technology to bring forth the ease of in-teacher lessons with innovative solutions that resonate personally with the end-user. Rapid advancements in technology makes pinpointing the appropriate educational technologies. Our experts at BreakTalks assist in identifying, implementing and promoting the best practices in exercising technology to expand learning. Digital literacy is transforming distance learning for the better by being inclusive, engaging and providing individual experience. The influx of EdTech tools has been the result of block chain tools, IoT devices. At BreakTalks, we guide you in realizing the potential for scalable individualized learning and hence opening up the digital learning platform for everyone.


Routine usage of farming technique is being practised for a while now but these technologies accelerate in speeds that are incomprehensible. Advanced satellite positioning and imagery softwares and robotic systems in AgroTech allow enterprises to thrive profitably with sustainability and safety as the forefront of their goals for success. Supply chain management, grocery store aggregator and tracking mechanisms provided by the smart mobility solutions of BreakTalks help you in your AgroTech enhancement. Agro-dependent enterprises are nurturing the idea of adopting IoT into their daily processes and BreakTalks assures to provide the best smart solution inline with your expectations for the market.

Real Estate

From blockchains to VR, technology is shaking up the real estate industry. Digitized is the world we live in and the impact Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality on real estate is humongous. Mobile applications of tracking and following real estate stats has increased tenfold and companies looking to adapt will need to bring in Tech-savvy, easy to integrate technology into their existing operations. Business intelligence software solutions with data analysis bridge the gap in interaction and BreakTalks introduces the latest technology in established business processes to enhance their scalability. Blockchain technology thrives on an industry as safety-concerned as real estate and VR/AR promotes remote sites viewing with the spatial range just like reality. Smart homes are the present and introducing AI algorithms for easy property management, sizeable enrichment and security is the future.