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Software Testing

To come as no surprise, we provide software quality assurance testing services!

Technology has made a dent in this universe, a revolutionary impact hellbent on bringing people together. Humans are very mobile natives. Seldom do we live separated from our phones - we are either asleep or connected. Modern smartphones render the latest technology to a whole lot of consumers in their hands – one click away, such is the power of the button. No wonder the diversity of mobile applications surfacing digital stores drives the economic growth in the technology sector. Here is where we come in, Breaktalks Innovation, appraised for being one of the victorious App and Website Development Companies in India. We provide an array of solutions to your business by building competent apps that are user friendly and robust. Walking your clients through an unforgettable experience is our trade.The software has never been perfect. Compromising on its quality and hesitation to get it tested can lead your business to go through an epic fail!

Snap out of the hesitancy

All code is guiltily waiting to be proven innocent. But why software testing when the coders can sort out the bugs for themselves? Rapid software testing is not just about hunting big and small bugs or spotting out errors in applications. It also consists of meeting all the project requirements. What good is all the hard work put into making the software when it is not reliable or durable, working smoothly or usable, and market-ready.

Known to be the best software testing company, here at Breaktalks Innovation, our qualified testers are no less than uncompromising individuals. They put into use their obsession over rummaging through the programmer’s software. Their suspicious nature and excellent management of the testing process can easily simplify and resolve issues at godspeed levels. What is more unique about our experts? With sufficient knowledge of the market, we can ensure that your online existence stays intact than ever. We focus on your business gains in addition to providing quality through our intelligent efforts.

It is not about right or wrong, but how good enough it is!

Our software testing makes use of the best testing tools per the latest trends. You can rest assured that your firm will achieve outstanding results! A pinch of probability is worth a pound of perhaps, hence with no further risk, our quality assurance team do the donkey work of optimizing the user experience for you. Ranging from manual testing to automation testing services, we produce a consistent experience. So grab your seats!


Afraid of your users spotting out bugs before you do? It makes sense because numerous ways can lead to your software crashing down. Bugs tend to multiply. The more they accumulate, the more does the fixing expenses grow exponentially. It pleasingly welcomes hackers to your website, all the better for your competitors. Don’t let the bugs bite you hard! They can even block critical functionality. The horror tales are endless. Get yours tested at the guidance of our experts who have the intrusiveness and agility for the job. We can help you preserve your business reputation at reasonable costs!


Performance testing

Developing a test plan is not the end game. Creating and executing test cases are the underestimated part of the software testing process. We test for speed and stability to ensure the optimal performance of your application even at peak loads. Is your app responsive enough? Get a reliability and responsiveness check done

Functional testing

Reporting bugs is crucial, but one never knows when the application might crash. Here at Breaktalks Innovation, we make sure that each feature of your software works as intended and lives up to its full functionality and intelligent software behavior.

Compatibility testing

Wonder how messy it gets when your application and the operating system do not share the same wavelength? Your firm can’t afford to lose its precious customers. Spot on! We ensure the compatibility of your application with various other computing environments it needs to operate over.

Security testing

Every software is prone to security breaches and storage issues. Let us be your security blanket! Our security testing services ensure that your sensitive information stays unleaked and confidential from malicious hackers and activity. You are in luck! We provide detailed testing status reports too. Bonus indeed!