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Mobile App Development

We offer dynamic and versatile apps that match the personality of your business.

Technology has made a dent in this universe, a revolutionary impact hellbent on bringing people together. Humans are very mobile natives. Seldom do we live separated from our phones - we are either asleep or connected. Modern smartphones render the latest technology to a whole lot of consumers in their hands – one click away, such is the power of the button. No wonder the diversity of mobile applications surfacing digital stores drives the economic growth in the technology sector. Here is where we come in, Breaktalks Innovation, appraised for being one of the victorious App and Website Development Companies in India. We provide an array of solutions to your business by building competent apps that are user friendly and robust. Walking your clients through an unforgettable experience is our trade.

Everyone loves options. More the options, more the splendid! Applying the pulling out of the hat technique – we have more to offer. Our line of business deals with the innovation of CRM mobile application and development of ERP mobile app. drops a bombshell!

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Mobile App Development Platforms

Instant Crush – Hand over your Idea, we develop on it!

Mobiles pose not only as the new digital hub but also as a bridge to the physical world. Its very existence triggers the exponential increase in demand for better mobile apps that work on all platforms. No less than a very challenging dare to companies that design mobile apps.

Hence the red carpet treatment for platform-independent apps in the world of phone app development is justified. Why this alternative? With eight prime platforms for applications soaring the app store, it gets burdensome to provide a high-quality experience to the majority of users. Platform-independent apps come to rescue by cutting down costs, time, and energy and simultaneously reaching out to the masses. It also simplifies the deployment of apps. Consequently, we develop once and deploy many apps, aesthetic, and competent enough to get an instant crush over.

The experts at Breaktalks Innovation put their experience to use to deliver exceptional projects in domains ranging from education to healthcare, agriculture to retail, and so forth across various platforms as follows:

Native Apps: Keep an eye on the doughnut

Custom made apps for the users fabricated specially for one platform are known as Native mobile apps. Why pick native apps? Easily installable via an application store, they are faster, better, and can optimize a delightful user experience contrary to the cross-platform apps. They have access to the full paraphernalia or gears of the device and become an integral part of the device. The bonus brownie point is that they need no connectivity, only to add up they are highly responsive – the ultimate key to usability. iOS and android app development are what we employ at Breaktalks Innovation, the best and widely used platforms than the rest. Our in-house developers compose of both android and iOS developers who are experts at covering a substantial part of the total market – absolutely doughnuts!


Android is here, there, and everywhere! If high customization falls under your likes, this is the right one. Flexibility plus the low cost of development tools – this platform is everything one can desire. Its availability on a range of devices from smartphones to tablets is crazy – it attracts diverse demographic users worldwide. Look beyond the fence built by Apple if your firm wishes to get an application developed aimed at a high net worth demographic.


The most crucial market aspect that cannot go ignored or forgotten is iOS, also known as the Apple Universe. It corners the market due to the higher probability of hoarding income. Believe it or not, iOS apps cost lower than that of android apps solely because they are simpler to code and time saving for developers. Aim for the stars! If market visibility is under the list of your game plan, this is the right one for you.

Cross-Platform Applications – BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Sugar, spice, and everything nice! This category of mobile apps show the best form of performance support and are a lot cheaper plus versatile. Our cross-platform developers promise a wonderfully designed user experience based on your business and user needs. Why pick this over native apps? After getting your priorities right, if budget is your soft option – this one is apt for your business! This multi-platform approach combines elements of both web and native apps only to speed up the pace of the app development lifecycle. Product-delivery at the snap of fingers, unlike the traditional approach!


Flutter mobile app development is the new trend, a new entrant flooding the business needs. It eliminates the need for a separate developer for mobile and web – cuts down the human resources. How cost-efficient! Welcome to its captivating user-experience that fits any platform. Is yours a startup firm? Then Flutter is your blessing in disguise! Its ample scope in experimentation and innovation will take your business sky-high. You are in the right hands - our engineers are masters of the trade and work like horses to our clients’ satisfaction.


Breaktalks Innovation is a react native app development company, regardless of the surplus of other services we have to offer. Need a product that is as close enough to native Android or iOS application but more customizable and innovative? React native is just right for you! Come rain or shine, React native framework helps your unique idea reach packed crowds at costs so unimaginably low. Jump on the bandwagon alongside other startups as this alternative is promising and evolving in its user experience development. Moreover, the community support received by this framework leads to faster development of applications. Hire us for the best in-house service from our experienced developers.

We have more elements of surprise yet again! Guess what, we can customize the Woocommerce native mobile app too.

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We adopt the following wheel of a process to deliver freshly-baked apps to suit your taste-buds:

First We Design:

Our in-house techs make sure that the app feels aesthetic and engaging. Unlock a one-of-its-kind look that is compatible with various platforms. Wholesome brand identity and success is the mantra. We do wonders in enhancing the user experience in addition to developing a structured blueprint.

Put to Test:

The app is put through a testing process invariably to estimate its progress and functionality. Tweaking the code and fixing its bugs before announcing a green signal to the app launch is necessary.

User is the key:

Trust the process! The set of rules and instructions we go by are customer-oriented. The app is tested on different platforms to enhance usability and the functionality of the application.

We are by your side at every stop on the way:

We burn the candle on both ends to take care of our customers and execute their ideas, and this relationship goes a long way. Let us be your hosts on this podcast! For every stop on the way, we come up with solutions and unconditional support for our customers. All you need to do is ask!