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Digital Marketing

We utilise the power of hashtags!

We thrive in a rat race of a digitalized world where the future retail is the integration of internet and digital services. Digital marketing, known as the art of creating genuine customer value, is the most affordable marketing method of the era. And thriving in a world where your competitor is only one click away is scary. Help us ease your pain!


Breaktalks Innovation houses some crazy marketers who are not scared when it comes to experimentation and innovation. Why are we the safest bet? Because we emphasize on creating relationships, not just mere links. It goes out of the question that we are the best digital marketing company you can ever trust. Get your brain trust now!

A brand is what the consumers tell to each other, not what we tell them it is. Read it again!

Consumers are transforming faster than we are

Keeping up pace with that of the change in trends of consumers is nerve-racking! Which is why we open the gateway to Social Media Marketing (SMM). It is a battleground designed solely for expanding your brand’s exposure – it is not just any other strategy in the books of marketing! Be it from tweets to posts, hashtags to post tags, we can help you utilize its full power to build you a firm digital foundation in a particular niche. Our marketers specialize in finding the right audience and opportunities amongst diverse customers. Time is paramount. Why hold your horses? Hire us!


Listen to your customers and make them feel heard. The conversation is the only way to their hearts. At Breaktalks, we integrate email marketing and eCommerce social media marketing to generate the right content for your precious clients. By the time you finish reading this statement, 20 million emails have surfaced across the internet. Hence the hype of email marketing is justified! Get quality content written for your firm, something that can own quality time in your customer’s inbox rather than laying the spam. Why us? Because we treat emailing as a privilege, not a transaction. Our team also works in tandem with influencers - just right for social media content marketing. We help our customers reach all the nooks and crannies in the platform of products. Tell us your storyline! Leave the rest to us. And get your customers to tell your stories for you!


Helps you bond with your targeted audience – builds relationships Leads loyal customers back to your site – boosts web traffic Depicts your brand’s unique personality - spreads awareness Improves word of mouth – customers will tell tales of your brand Brings human element into your marketing – increases conversion rates

The 10 seconds rule

People want to learn before placing an order, and if the data is too immense for them to register on their minds, they leave! Which is why it is mandatory to provide enough data and the right content to avoid them from skipping you. Almost all you got is 10 seconds to showcase yourself!

Our experts opt for Search engine marketing (SEM) as the final solution. Because with millions of businesses vying for attention, SEM is the most effective way to promote and grow your business. The digital marketing services we offer involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility. It takes place in a search engine results page through paid advertising – we use the ultimate 10 seconds rule! Hence SEM is more commonly referred to as pay-per-click advertising.

But don’t you know how expensive Ads have become? Wrong! Never let the delusion guide you!

Many small businesses don’t understand why they have to pay more because they don’t know the secret to keeping the Ads cost meager. Here is where we come in. Get your SEM campaigns run effectively and smartly at lower costs and higher visibility!

Nothing can drive more leads and sales faster than SEM:

1. Pay only for the traffic that arrives at your website - Bid on a keyword phrase, win and get a low-cost entry to your customers’ hearts

2. Perfect for small business – Because SEM is so scalable that it grows as you grow.

3. Get a compelling ad content written by us! Engrossing enough to make one click on that ad - Leave your message for the right tribe. We utilize SEM efficiently to attract a crowd who is already looking for your product or service!

4. Get instant brand awareness - SEO and unpaid social media take time while SEM positions keep you at the top or bottom of page one! It brings real and tangible results.

5. Revenue in double-quick time – An easy-peasy way to get started with ads is to work on compelling ad copy and use the right strategies. See your sales coming on the same day!

6. Familiarity becomes normality – It reinforces the name recognition of your brand every time you enter your customer’s inbox. This recognition becomes familiarity – people tend to buy from brands they are familiar with over the brand names they have never heard!

Our experts help with placing inviting ads that lure the customers. The value of your money is assured. Want to hire us?

Content Marketing

Content without strategy is like cornflakes without the milk. Just stuff and the world has enough stuff! What good is your content if it leads readers into a pipeline? We can take your readers on a journey! A journey for them to call it theirs, and cut out for them!


eCommerce content marketing is just as important as other services that we offer at Breaktalks Innovation. The prime focus of our customer-oriented approach is to answer your audience’s questions by generating high-quality and consistent content.

Of all the other service providers, why pick us? Because our unique perspective calls for reaching out to your audience’s audience as well! We have seasoned content writers in the house who ink down words and spin stories of a unique voice that will evoke deeply relatable emotions and passion in readers. Stories are just data with a soul. Help your data get a soul!

To add surprises in the bag of tricks that we yield, yet another quality we strongly depend on is the consistency in brand messaging. Your growth is our growth! We know the best way to portray your brand consistently at every customer touchpoint!

The whys are wherefores of applying content marketing:

Compels your potential customers to come back for more Enhances social media traction by creating content that is trending Builds trust with the audience through the delivery of quality content Influences conversions and strengthens the reputation of your brand

Clear, concise, and compelling content – we write what you want to hear from us. Tell us more about you and your needs. We would love to hear from you!